Book of Memories for Letitia Chrapchynski Book of Memories for Letitia Chrapchynski Recent updates for the Book of Memories Frontrunner Professional Book of Memories V4 en-gb Story shared: My Condolences My dearest condolences to the Chrapchynski/Rinaldo families and friends at this time.

I would know "Letitia" as Mrs. Chrapchynski while dating Victoria. In the last few years I'd been keeping in touch with Vic and talking about how her mom was doing and all their road trips down south for appointments.

My fondest thoughts of Mrs. Chrapchynski would be how she would come home on her lunch break/dinner breaks from St Jo's and hand knit an outfit for a new born baby "that needed it". Truly a professional of her craft.

It saddens me deeply that the Chrapchynski clan is no longer here, however, I take solace in knowing that the family is reunited again, at peace and I know with 100% certainly there are a few laughs if Vic is telling stories.


RIP to Gary, "Tish" and Vicky (and the fur babies Shan man, Jessie and Hallie Berry).


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